The Basis of Freemasonry [Contents by Original Pages]

Arm yourself with the truth… Painful though it may be, the truth is always far kinder than a lie….

In Pursuit of Happiness


THE purpose of this pamphlet is to expose the subversive activities of Freemasonry and its ramifications; whence its inspiration derives and where its control lies.

It is not suggested that every Freemason is a revolutionary; but all Freemasons are, either wittingly or unwittingly, helping in the work of destruction of Aryan Christian culture and civilisation. They have taken an oath of secrecy and when a crisis arises and the interests of their native land clash with those of their hidden masters, they must either obey the latter or be destroyed, as were many patriotic French Freemasons at the outbreak of the French Revolution.

It will be argued by Freemasons that their masters are not hidden and that many honoured—even Royal—persons are to be found at the head of Freemasonry. In this connection the attention of the reader is called to a letter of Piccolo-Tigre, dated 18th January, 1822…

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