And it ALL fits… Just got through watching a Tarpley video talking about Bush and 9/11 and how it was clear that there was a coup in progress that morning! Basically, that Bush was expendable and that the Shadow Government gave him an ultimatum that day… Either get on TV and say Al Queda, etc and call Putin and tell him we are going into Afghanistan immediately, or they would create a nuclear strike and take Bush out right then and there!

AND with what is currently going on with Obama pushing at Russia… Israel trying to blow Gaza off the map and chomping at the bit to take out Syria and Iran….

I am beginning to believe more and more that America doesn’t have a “place” in the prophecy scriptures….!!!

Mystery of the Iniquity


Sounds like a fun title for a movie or song, right? Well, like Kid Rock says, “I bet you’ll hear my whistle blowin when my train rolls in”….
At the end of this article is the website address. Firstly, I added some comments and then I actually included the article in this publication. You never know when info like this will just ‘disappear’….
Have Ruling Super-elite Deviants set up a Secret Cell of Nuclear Weapon Scientists to covertly and quickly develop advanced Nuclear Devices they can then deploy to depopulate Planet Earth by 90%, in order to avoid a threatened 100% Global Depopulation ” Reset” by Alien ETs which would include themselves?
They’ve been called “Intel Cowboys” and top secret groups, but the real top secret group of intel cowboys are the demons behind this agenda.
“Luciferian Circles of Twelve”
One inside America and One in Europe….Circles of Twelve become…

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